Geek Chique LED watch

On your computer, cell, video recorder, UPC box, car dashboard, you can read the time anywhere. Why bother buying a watch?

Because it’s so very nerdy off course! No, I’m not talking about a subtle little Swatch. Get a bling bling chrome LED watch and join the geek chique! Preferably one that uses a time notation that require some brain training to figure out.

Geek chique

Geek chique has nothing to do with money, gender or social status. It’s about having fun with tech and art. This watch wasn’t expensive. I even had to put in two relatively huge new batteries for it to light up.

Geek Chique LCD horloge

It’s quite a strange watch. You’d expect the colors to be functional, but they seem to be chosen completely at random. You’d also think that it would come with a elaborate manual, but instead it’s (too) brief. It even shows a slightly different display. Part of the fun is to figure out how it works.