There is no such thing as free money. Still, you can often get the same product for less money. One way to get there is via rebates and discounts. At the end of the year there are always a lot of discounts and rebates by the names like:

  • Thanksgiving Discount
  • Black Friday Sale
  • Christmas Rebate
  • X-mas promotion
  • etc.

For example: Canada based Agile Bits’ 1Password 3 for Mac OS X was priced at $50.  In the holiday season they often have a sale. In 2013, they had a ‘Happy Thanksgiving 30% off everything’ sale, so you could buy 1Password for $35. By the way: It was s in the Mac App Store for the same price. Also, notice the users with an original license from the Agile Bits webstore get no build in iCloud support. They’ll have to use another cloud service or local synchronizing. Apparently, if you want iCloud syncing, you’ll have to buy again, from the Apple App Store.

Update to 1Password 5

Meanwhile it’s 2015 and 1Password has been updated to 1Password 4, then 1Password 5 and costs €49 / $49 again. This makes it by far the most expensive password utility around. 1PW3 users from 2013 like me, must pay another $25 / €25 for the 1PW5 update. Since 1PW is a utility more than a complex application, and considering there aren’t any really new features, I think this is a bit too much.

Also, you might have noticed OS X’s keychain function has improved a lot. For example: It can synchronize your passwords between all your Apple devices. So can 1PW5, but you’ll have to buy the additional iOS app for another € 10 / $ 10. OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 do this for free.

Alternative Password managers

So discounts and sales can indeed save you money, but always try to keep thinking clearly. Don’t go for any good looking offer. Only buy what you need, don’t buy something because it looks cool or is on sale.

There are at least a few other password managers around like Keepass, that offer similar functionality for free, even with an iOS client. LastPass has a $1 per month premium version that features a mobile version, among other features.

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