MacBook Pro monitor cable high resolutions

Macbook Pro monitor cable

My new Mac is a retina MacBook Pro late 2013 with a Haswell i7 CPU with Intel 4000 Graphics. It has a native monitor resolution of 2880×1800 and more than enough graphic power to be able to use it with our flat-screen TV or my old, but still comfortably large 2008 Dell 3008WFP 30′ monitor. HDMI to the TV works flawlessly. It even gets the sound. For resolutions up to 1080 P, also know as Full HD, this works fine.

The 30′ monitor has a native resolution of 2560×1600, or WQXGA, giving it about 101 pixels per inch. According to the HDMI specifications, HDMI data should also be fast enough to use it for the Dell 3008WFP.

However, for some reason the HDMI interface of the MacBook Pro only supports resolutions up to 1080P in OS X 10.9 Mavericks. When booted in Windows 8, it should support up to WQXGA.

The monitor has a second DVI-D connector, but the MacBook Pro doesn’t have the DVI-D port that I used to connect a Mac Pro 2008 to the Dell 3008WFP. It does have two Thunderbolt ports though, that as you might know, can also be used as Mini DisplayPort connectors. A Mini DisplayPort to DVI-D cable is a viable solution.

Of course, if your monitor has a Thunderbolt connector, that would be the most versatile way to connect them, but for now, march 2014, this is not a very common monitor feature.

The Dell 3008WFP has a DisplayPort connector (monitor side), as other monitors from 2008 and later might have. Therefore, I choose to buy a DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort cable.

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