Install Vuze without toolbar, bloatware and ad-ware

When you install or update the populair peer-to-peer file sharing application Vuze, it also installs ad-ware and bloatware on your computer.

  • A Vuze toolbar is installed
  • The Safari, Chrome and Firefox browser default search engine is set to Yahoo
  • The startup homepage of your browser is set to Yahoo
  • An extension is  added to Google Chrome that your DNS errors with Yahoo
  • Add-ware extensions from Slick Savings, Ebay and Amazon Shopping Assistant are installed in your browsers.

Fortunately, these annoyances can easily be avoided by customizing the installation. It’s really easy, just mind a few checkboxes while installing.

Install Vuze without the toolbar

If you already have Vuze installed, it will regularly recommend an update. It looks something like this:

Vuze update recommended

Notice the Customize checkbox in the lower left side of the panel. Check it. Most people don’t want to be bothered with extra options or special features, so they’ll leave this unchecked. I think it’s even save to say that people are used to take the easy way when installing software, and Vuze is taking advantage of that. In this case, you do want to customize the installation, so you can prevent the ad-ware from being installed in the first place.

  1. First, you’ll be asked to choose your language and click OK.Choose the desired language
  2. Important: Choose Customize before clicking I Agree.Check the Vuze customize option in the installer
  3. The next step is not prone to bloatware tactics. It’s a good idea to keep your Applications in the default folder.
    Vuze installation options
  4. Again change the default setting and choose the Custom install and before you click Next > don’t forget to also uncheck the three checkboxes that say:Uncheck the Vuze Spigot extensions options
    1. Install Extensions by Spigot (Searchme, Slick Savings, Ebay & Amazon Shopping Assistants in SF/FF/GC, Domain Error Assistant in GC)
    2. Make Yahoo! my default search provider
    3. Make Yahoo! my home & startup page
  5. Decline to other ‘Free Content’. These offers may very over time. This one in Valentine fashion is from the second half of February but it might just as well show a TuneUp Plugin for iTunes.Decline any free offers in the Vuze installer

The final part of the installation of Vuze

From there on, the installation will finish fairly quickly, depending on your internet connection and the speed of your computer.

At least this speed is not hold back by unnecessary browser chrome and ads.

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