Dummy images

When you are designing and testing a new website, often there aren’t text and images available yet. Or you don’t want to show them already. Even if they are available, you’ll have to make new dummy images in the right size every time you change a size of your layout. But there’s a quick fix for that now: Dummy images!

The idea is simple but worked out in a powerful way. Just hotlink to the virtual image you need and the server will generate the dummy image on the fly. You can adjust size, background color, foreground color, file format and text. Not al properties are obligatory though, so you can keep the url short.

For example, to get a dummy JPG image of 100 x 100 pixels, black with white text ‘Dummy’ on it, just use http://dummyimage.com/100×100/000000/ffffff&text=Dummy

You can use shorthand hexadecimal color codes to make it even shorter: http://dummyimage.com/100×100/00/ff&text=Dummy

Dummy image

But of course you can use it for so much more!

Dummy image

There are also standard banner/ad/screen/video sizes available. For example, you can use http://dummyimage.com/leaderboard/f0f/f to get a dummy with the size of a leaderboard banner:

All in all a handy tool that I will surely again for dummy images. You can find more shortcuts, info and even the source code here.

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