Disk Catalog Maker

Disk Catalog Maker iconCD’s, DVD’s and BD’s are great for backups or exchanging data. Before you know it, you have a whole stack of disks. Knowing what data is on what disk can become a problem.

DiskCatalogMaker catalogs every disk and volume

Then you might want to take al look at DiskCatalogMaker. It’s reliable, fast and easy to use. Just drag ‘n’ drop your disks on it. It even has a batch mode to catalog a lot of disks in a minimum of time. DCM is proud to have the fastest search function in the biz. It has a Quick Look support option that lets you index previews of files, so you can preview a whole disk without putting it in the drive.

To make it even more attractive, it is supports a number of languages, like Dutch.

2019 update

It’s been eight years since I wrote this little article about DCM and a lot has happend since, but the basic idea is still the same: To boldly catalog every disk and volume!

There are multiple updates with new features and bugfixes each year. The site has a FAQ in all supported languages. Also, DiskCatalogMaker was bundled with Roxio Toast for several versions / years.

Meanwhile, DiskCatalogMaker found it’s way to the Mac App Store. It has several nice features. For example, it supports Dark Mode.

New options are added frequently, for example about how to handle re-inserted disks: Should they be ignored, re-scanned or added as a duplicate?

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