RSA animate video

Professor Dr. Sergio Pena, Professor of Biochemistry at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerias, Brazil, and world-renowned for his work in genetics for decades, asked me to create a video in the style of the ‘RSA animate’ videos.

In his talk, which is used as a voice-over for the video animation, professor Pena explains that there is no scientific basis for racism.

In a populair scientific fashion, facts about the human genome and the history of modern man are presented and explained. For example, there is a short sub animation that shows the directions of humans spreading over the earth.

How humans have spread over the earthIt was an interesting animation to make. There was little time, only about three weeks, to  prepare everything:

  • Write the text
  • Record the voice-over
  • Make up the storyboard
  • Create the animation
  • Fine-tune it
  • Put it on youTube
  • Add Portuguese subtitles

I was given quite some creative freedom in proposing the animations. It is a great advantage if a commissioner knows how to make best use of his craftsmen, by simply putting thrust on their skills, experience, creativity and dedication. Of course, there are certain details that need to be spot on, to match the objective of the story, but I am convinced my best graphical work in commission, derives from clients that do not try to micromanage each detail of the graphic design and animation.

Now bring on that RSA animate video

And of course, here is the RSA animate video!

The video now has subtitles too.

Portuguese RSA animate video

There is also a Portuguese version of this RSA animate video. The voice-over and video are the same, but it has ‘hard copy’ subtitles in Portuguese.

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