Dimmable LED lamps

Some of the lamp sockets in our house are recently wired with dimmers. Now the EU makes progress in forbidding bulbs and LED lamps are becoming more and more common, I tried to find some dimmable LED lamps.

The local shops didn’t carry any dimmable LED lamps so I tried to find some online. I noticed national webshops sold E27 type LED lamps for significantly higher prices than the bulbs and even non-dimmable LED lamps. About € 34 for a 7 Watt dimmable LED lamp from Philips, that is strangely enough sold as ’50 Watt’. I guess what they mean is, that it is supposed to give as much light as a 50 Watt bulb. Which again is a bit unexpected, since 50 Watt is not a wattage I have ever encountered on a bulb.

Dimmable LED lamp

Pigheaded and cheap as I am, I ordered a much less expensive 10 Watt dimmable LED lamp from DX.com.

The pros of dimmable LED lamps

  • It was only 1/3 of the price at € 12,56 / $ 16.60.
  • It gives ‘warm white’ light as promised, not the cold white type.
  • At 10 Watt it was the dimmable LED with the highest wattage I could find. It gives at least as much light as a 60 Watt warm white bulb.
  • It has the right E27 fitting and 220 Voltage.
  • You determine the brightness.
  • This one has the newer type SMD LEDs that don’t get (too) hot.

So I ordered a few more. Then I found out that the dimmers should be suited for dimmable LED lamps too. At first I thought I would get away with the old dimmers, but once I fitted three dimmable LED lamps, some gave strange effects when dimmed.

The cons of dimmable LED lamps

  • It’s more expensive than a regular LED lamp.
  • It needs a suitable dimmer, which is more expensive too.
  • They are not as easy to get by.

So now I have to used them at full brightness or replace the dimmers as well. Since the dimmers are brand new I am reluctant to already replace them with € 70 LED compatible dimmers. Using an old skool bulb instead costs only a few euros.

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