Clean misty helmet sun visor

After a lot of online research, I bought a Schuberth C3 helmet. It’s expensive, but it’s a fine, silent motorcycle helmet. It’s sturdy, but light. It fits snugly and the visor is very easy to take off, clean and mount on again.

It also has a handy, second, build-in sun visor. This is great, because it makes anybody look like Robocop and you never need to stop to put your sunglasses on or off again.

However, for some reason the sun visor has some sort of dull coating. A finish, as if it has a very thin layer of powder on it. It made the view kind of milky and unclear. I cleaned it off with water and soap, like the manual suggested, but it kept coming back.

My best guess is that it’s some kind of chemical anti-fog coating that causes this milky effect. After carefully taking it out, washing it off and painstakingly putting the sun visor back into place again a few times, I had enough of it. I decided to clean the coating of with an abrasive. I very carefully cleaned it with Cif or something similar.

That was not a god idea. It took of the chemical coating but it also scratched my helmet sun visor. It had a million tiny scratches on it.

It first, I thought of buying a new one, even though they are ridiculously expensive (€ 55). Then I realized that a new sun visor would probably also be dipped in chemo milk.

So I decided to take matters into own hands and did some investigations as to what would be the best way to get rid of the scratches in my helmet sun visor.

Cif is to crude, toothpaste is too smooth. Finally, I found something in-between that is just right. A polish, that is originally mend for smoothing dull plastic car headlights.

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